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martes, 28 de agosto de 2012


Classroom rules for English class
1. Arrive on time
2. Bring your own material
3. Be respectful with partners and teacher
4. Be kind with the desks and classroom
5. Sit properly in your desk
6. Don’t eat or drink anything in class just natural water
7. No cell phones or video games
8. Don’t chew gum
9. Be prepared to learn and enjoy the class together
10. Ask:
- May I come in?   May we come in?
- May I go to the restroom (bathroom)?
- May I go to social work?
- May I go to the Principal’s Office?
*Wear the uniform complete and properly
    Student’s name                     Mother’s or Father’s signature
___________________________                      ___________________________________

WELCOME STUDENTS!!! BOOK FOR 3rd Grade Groups D, E & F

This book is for students of 3rd grade.

The three Musketeers.